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Jacob Works for Rachel
Nathan's Message


Long Time Comin'

01 He is Risen
02 I Start Each Day With The Lord
03 Even The Valley
04 Bless The Lord, O My Soul
05 I Know Jesus
06 I'm So Glad He Found Me
07 I've Never Been Out of His Care
08 If We Faint Not
09 The Healing Stream
10 Could I Wish


“The future holds so much uncertainty. For the teenager from a broken home, the view looks downright daunting. How do you graduate from high school with any sense of normalcy? How do you choose a college that makes both of your parents happy, when they can’t seem to agree on what’s best for you? How do you choose a career or a life’s calling when your parents’ calling was upended so easily? How do you even think about dating, marriage, not to mention, having a family? How do you stay married to one person for life when you weren’t shown how to do it? What makes you so sure that you’ve found the right one when your parents didn’t? These are all questions I asked myself many times.”