Long Time Comin’  The Vassak Family
We are very excited to introduce Long Time Comin’, our family’s first music CD! This CD is a collection of songs that our family has sung together in church over the past 20 years. Several of these songs were first sung by the two of us. As each of our children grew to enjoy singing with us, the sound of each song was enhanced. Along the way we have added songs to our family repertoire. When we decided that we were ready to finally record a CD, we chose the songs that we enjoyed the most and that seemed to be the greatest blessing to other people. The CD title, Long Time Comin’, was born out of the fact that this is a recording that has been over 20 years in the making. We pray it is a blessing to you.

Dealing With My Family’s Divorce  Amy Vassak
Amy Vassak was born and raised in a godly Christian home. When she was nine years old her world was suddenly and unexpectedly torn apart by divorce. By the grace of God, Amy was able to overcome this great heartache and go on to serve the Lord with her life. During the process of dealing with her tragedy, however, she realized that there were no resources available to help a teenager recover from a broken home, especially not with a Scriptural perspective. She determined to write a book that would help teenagers deal with the pain of having their homes torn apart. The language is frank, and the book addresses feelings that probably only a child of divorce could understand. If you are the product of a broken home, this book will help you in your pursuit of healing. If you are a ministry worker trying to help teenagers deal with the effects of their broken homes, it will help you to better understand the issues they face. We pray that Dealing With My Family’s Divorce will bring hope and healing to those who have been touched by the devastation of divorce.